Vibrato - $159


When we set out to build a pitch vibrato pedal, our whole purpose was to replace the tremolo bridge on a guitar. So what we’ve done with this pedal is create a fairly mellow and subtle vibrato which remains fairly transparent. All that’s happening to your signal is a little bit of pitch change, which when set right, recreates that gentle warble found when you interact with the tremolo arm on your guitar.

Then we stuck the whole circuit to a momentary switch which only engages the effect when you’re using the bypass switch. The whole idea is so that if a player could use any guitar and get that tremolo arm effect without having to have a tremolo bridge or dealing with the tuning issues they come with! The Vibrato can also be built using the standard latching true bypass if you would prefer.

The Vibrato’s controls are fairly simple.

  1. 1.The Depth knob controls the intensity of the vibrato, from very subtle to drastic pitch changes.

  2. 2.The Speed knob controls the rate of the vibrato, from slow to a more medium rate.

If you’ve been yearning to leave your tremolo arm behind but still have that effect of vibrato on the tails of your chords, this pedal is built just for you! It’s designed for guitarists who really want to create a unique sound without being too obtrusive in your mix like some other vibrato pedals might.