Custom Options


Custom Knobs - $5

Fancy some peculiar knobs? We have a small stock of different knobs. Email us for a list of pictures of the ones we have in stock. We will be expanding our ‘collection’ as time moves on, so if you already have a choice knob let us know and we will see if we can acquire the ones you want. Parameters:

  1. -All knobs must be 3/4” or smaller in skirt diameter.

Diode selections - $5

In some cases, particularly overdrive pedals, we have options for clipping diodes. If you would like switches to choose from, you need to talk to our custom shop. If you want a choice of configuration or diode choice we can help you out! Standard Diodes are 1n4148 or 1n914. Parameters:

  1. -Germainium:1n34a, 1n270, 1n60

  2. -Silicon: 1n4148, 1n914, 1n400x

  3. -LED: red, yellow, green

  4. -Shottky: Bat41

  5. -Configurations: Symettrical, Assymetrical

  6. -Locations: Feedback Loop, Inline, Both

Custom Enclosure Colours - $10

Have you got a hankering for a special colour for your pedal? Email us with a description of the kind of enclosure you would like and we’ll see if we can help you! Parameters:

  1. -Solid colours are mandatory

  2. -Black or White Graphics only

Switch selections - $10

We can build your pedal with two different bypass options:

  1. -True Bypass (standard, don’t add to cart)

  2. -Momentary True Bypass (either always on, or always off. This is standard on Vibrato,so if you don’t want Momentary Bypass on your Vibrato please email me for a special price)

Buffer selections - $10

We can build your pedal with an internal buffered bypass. Our buffer is discrete, and will not upset your tone. It’s major function is to change the impedance of your signal, giving you a clean, strong signal as you approach the next effect. The buffer circuitry is removed when the pedal is engaged, and active when the pedal is disconnected. Please note that with a Buffer included, we cannot include a Battery snap in your pedal - you pedal will only be able to be powered by a 9VDC negative tip power supply.