Repeater - $169


Delay is one of the most popular pedals available to guitarists today, and they’re also one of the trickiest to get right. There’s three main types of delay: Analog, Tape, and Digital. Each of them have their own unique sound, and they all have their own drawbacks.

When designing our delay we decided to go with the dependability of digital delay, but we really like the sound of tape and analog delays. We opted for a digital delay that sounds very analog or tape like. What does that mean? It means your delay will work the same for you and require no maintenance or tuning and work with a standard power supply, but the beautiful sound of analog delay is still there for that fabulous flavour in your repeats.

The Repeater’s controls are fairly simple.

  1. 1.The Delay knob affects the length of time between repeats, as short as a few milliseconds, and a max delay time of around 600 milliseconds.

  2. 2.The Repeats knob affects the number of repeats, with osicillation beginning to happen around 3 o’clock on the rotation.

  3. 3.The Level knob affects the mix level of the delay signal, with counter clockwise being no delayed signal added, and clockwise making the delay signal much louder than the dry signal.

One neat feature of this delay pedal is that as you turn up the repeats knob to the upper range you’ll get some crazy oscillation as found in many analog delays out there. Another feature is the entirely analog dry path of the delay. Our hope is that this delay will be as transparent as possible when it comes to your guitar’s dry signal.

*Please note that this pedal was FORMERLY known and distributed as the “Robot Repeater.” This is no longer the case, but if you would really like one, please contact us.*