Phaser - $159


Phase is one of those versatile effects that, depending on the type, can be very strong or very subtle. We’ve always preferred the subtle type, the one that adds a bit of warmth and warble to the signal, but doesn’t overwhelm your playing - leave that for the Flangers.

With the JMK Phaser, we started with the classic 2 stage JFet platform and began to tweak. Our big addition is the mix knob, which blends the clean signal in with the phased signal, which definitely changes the flavour of phase. For those who love that classic, subtle, sitting behind the signal type phase that helps a solo stand out, or on a particular riff, this is the Phaser for you.

The Phaser’s controls are fairly simple.

  1. 1.The Mix knob blends the clean signal in with the Phased signal, from strong to subtle phase.

  2. 2.The Speed knob controls the rate of the phase shift, from slow to a quick rate.

If you’ve been yearning for that Van-Halen’esque phase but want a little more control than the classic 2 stage phasers have, this pedal was designed with you you in mind. Plus, with that translucent emerald finish, it’s sure to stand out in a sea of orange phasers.