Classic Compressor - $159


The Classic Compressor is nothing that is unfamiliar to the current market. Utilizing the same heritage as many popular boutique compressors, the Classic Comp features a CA3080 Op Amp to provide compression, with transistor gain stages. OTA based compressors are famous for adding pleasant colour to the signal, and excell as an always on compressor early in your circuit. Useful for many ranges of musical genres, including but not limited to pop, country, rock, and blues.

The Classic Compressor’s controls are fairly simple.

  1. 1.The Sustain knob affects the amount of compression applied to your signal.

  2. 2.The Level knob affects the overall output of the compressed signal that is sent to the output.

  3. 3.The bias trimpot located internally affects the power supply to the OTA, and is factory set and should not be adjusted unless your compressor becomes unbiased.

At high compression levels, the Classic Comp will give you a lot of pump and pop to your signal - it will be very apparent that you’re using compression. At lower levels, the compressor will work more gently on your signal, but it would be uncommon for someone to say that this compressor is transparent. If you like compressors, and are familiar with what CA3080 compressors are like you’ll know exactly what this pedal can do.