Frequently Asked Questions


What’s your Warranty Like?

We warranty all out products for the original owner against all manufacturer and part failure. That means if there’s a problem and it’s my fault or a part that has failed under normal use, I’ll fix it and ship it back to you. However, if the failure is due to you throwing your pedal off a roof, or leaving your pedal in the rain, or any other kind of negligence or misuse on your part, I’ll still fix it but will ask you to pay for the repair and return shipping.

What kinds of Parts do you Use?

The parts I look for are of the reliable sort. Some builders use the most expensive or rare parts they can find, but I tend to look for parts that lend themselves to being reliable in the long term, good sounding, and cost effective where applicable. I won’t use an expensive part that raises the price for you when a less expensive but equally good sounding part will do. I use, where applicable:

  1. -Ceramic caps (1pF-99pF bipolar)

  2. -Poly Film caps (100pF-1uF bipolar)

  3. -Aluminum Electrolytic Polarized Capacitors

  4. -1% Metal Film Resistors (>95% of the time)

  5. -5% Carbon Film Resistors (<5% of the time)

  6. -IC’s are socketed in almost all instances to allow for swapping

  7. -Transistors are socketed in appropriate places to allow for swapping

  8. -Potentiometers are Alpha 16mm, and are soldered directly to the board

  9. -True bypass using a standard blue 3PDT switch.

Do you have a Return Policy?

We do! If you have a problem with your pedal, you can return it within 7 days of receipt of the pedal. You will be responsible for return shipping, and your initial shipping price is non-refundable. You need to contact JMK pedals as soon as you can, and please don’t leave it to the 11th hour. Also of note, the pedal needs to be in as new condition for a full refund - if the pedal has any damage, scuff marks, or is in any other sort of condition than new you may not get a full refund. Refunds will be made after an inspection process upon return delivery.

Can you Make “X” pedal for me?

We would like to say that we can make just about any analog pedal in our custom shop provided the schematic is available and the parts are still in production or approximations can be found. Some pedals just can’t be built by a small shop like us that deals with analog effects because they are complex digital devices, and though we may get there one day, we’re not there now. Aside from that, a typical request we get is to build a pedal that is in current production from another manufacturer with the request for a ‘less expensive’ version. There are a few reasons to undercut someone, but we don’t want to do that. If a product is currently available from someone else, chances are we cannot make it for less than they do already. However, if you want a MODIFIED version of said pedal, we may be able to accommodate you - we love to build things that are ‘like X pedal but with y changes’! Contact us if you have any questions.

Examples of pedals we won’t build for you:

  1. -Tim/Timmy

  2. -Zendrive

  3. -King of Tone

Examples of pedals we could build for you:

  1. -“Klone” (Not in production)

  2. -“Fooldrive” without the Boost section (Modification to circuit)

Is There a Wait Time on your Pedals?

There may or may not be a wait time for your pedal. In our initial phase of launching we cannot afford to keep a large enough stock of pedals to be able to send one out as soon as someone orders one. Right now we build in batches, ordering new parts to make a couple copies of a pedal each time we sell the last of that stock. This means that when you place an order we may have one available in stock right now, meaning it will ship shortly after you order, or you may have as much as a two month wait. If you have questions about when your order would ship, feel free to email us. Obviously, all custom pedals and options require a wait time.